Production of Filtration Units

The filtration units are required to purify the air, especially in industrial companies. Not only in paint shops, but also in pharmaceutical companies, in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, in printing, petrochemicals or in the manufacture of glass and jewellery, volatile organic substances (VOC − Volatile Organic Compound) or other pollutants that need to be regulated and removed. Other such substances include industrial chemicals, solvents, alcohols and petroleum products. The filtration units, which have the character of all-metal structures, manage to burn contaminated air at high temperatures (i.e. above 800 °C) and then filter it. They are therefore not only used in brick distilleries, but also in the production of plastics or food (e.g. dog food). Also, in any production where solids are released into the air.

Technologies that purify industrial air volumes and recuperate organic solvents, using catalytic or thermal combustion, which enable the volume of this contaminated air volume to be reduced (usually even before entering the incinerator).

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