Manufacture of special containers

The production of special containers is more or less carried out by the client according to the specific task, and this is because these containers are used in cooperation with other technological systems and devices. These are usually assembled directly at the technology supplier. The container for the production is commissioned according to the requirements for the size and construction, or further adjustments (fire protection, soundproofing, thermal insulation, etc.). They are most often used in control rooms, machine rooms, monitoring stations, boiler rooms, telecommunications, warehouses and workshops, in the solution of power lines, in compressor rooms, etc.

Technological containers are mobile, they can be dismantled and transported to the new application. They can be manufactured up to the dimensions of 25 x 4.5 x 4.5 m. Most often, the base of the container consists of a steel structure. The outer walls are made of trapezoidal sheet metal, which is also painted. In the case of thermal insulation, the inner structures are filled with mineral wool, which has a thickness of approximately 60 to 120 mm, or more depending on the task.

Other specifications, such as a floor are created by components based on client’s needs. It could be e.g. wood floor, a floor made of PVC with grid floor with a tub and so on. Windows and doors are also dimensioned according to specific customer’s requirements. We make the adjustments to our own containers so that they fully correspond to further use. For example special openings (doors, windows, passageways), flange connections for installed pipelines, floor in the form of a tub, complete electrical installation, fastening profiles on the outer or inner casing, and this also in the recessed form. Of course, complete or partial sound insulation including insulation is possible.

For containers with the size of 20´, 40´ and 45´ the certification CSC according to ISO 668, ISO 1496 can be guaranteed, which guarantees the possibility of sea shipping. This certification is suitable for larger container series, taking into account the financial outlay.

We ensure the following: